Family Law Spring 2018


Rev. Date March 14, 2018: First Revision
Professor: Scott Stephens, Judge 13th Judicial Circuit, Complex Business Litigation Division, Tampa.
Email Phone 813 272 5330
Course Meeting Times: Tuesdays 6:10-9:00 p.m. in Room 135 in the Tampa Law Center.
Text: Case Materials will be provided and posted on the course website,
The instructor's treatise, Florida Family Law, 23 West Florida Practice, is required reading but may be available to students through the University's Westlaw subscription.

Exam (90%): This is a course in general family law with the majority of the reading focused on the family law of Florida. There will be one final exam consisting of forty multiple choice questions. Each student may prepare a single 8.5x11 inch, two-sided paper document for use during the exam. A midterm is offered, but it is optional and does not count toward the grade.

Class Presentations and Discussion (10%): A small number of cases that are either important, controversial, or recent and illustrative of current thinking in the courts will be posted on the website. Reading these cases is mandatory and every student must be prepared to present, in a clear way, the facts, question presented, and rationale of any case assigned for that night. But: students will be called on at random only if no one volunteers to present the case.

Schedule for Florida Family Law Spring 2014

Week Date Topic Reading
1 1/16 Introduction To Family Law. Intro.
2 1/23 Formation and Validity of Marriage. Bigamy. Marital Rights and Obligations. Legal Consequences of Marital Relation. Ch.1 & 2

3 1/30 Annulment and Dissolution of Marriage. Void and Voidable Marriages. Ratification. Ch. 3
4 2/6
Marital ContractsCh 4
5 2/13
Paternity (Maternity?). Ch. 5
6 2/20 Constitutional Family Law Ch. 6-7
7 2/27 Adoption. Practice Midterm KEY Ch. 8

8 3/6
Child Custody Generally. Territorial Jurisdiction over Children. Ch. 9

Spring Break- No Class

9 3/20
Child Custody Disputes Between Parents. Ch. 10
10 3/27 Modification of Custody, Relocation Ch 11
11 4/3
Dissolution- Distribution of Assets Ch. 12
12 4/10
Alimony Ch.13
13 4/17
Child Support Review Ch. 13
Child Support Guidelines